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Gate Repair

The best way to have your gate safely and professionally fixed is by using the services of a reputable gate repair company. Attempting to fix a damaged or faulty gate yourself can be time-consuming and stressful. Such repairs require expertise and specialized tools, which is why it’s always better to leave them to a professional team. For these reasons and more – you can always count on our team!

Hinge Welding Repair & Replacement

One of the most common repairs usually have to do with faulty hinges. The quality of the hinge aside, other factors can contribute to its deterioration, including the weather, maintenance (or lack of), usage habits, and damage. Sometimes hinges become detached and hinge welding repair becomes the only solution. It’s crucial for the welding to be done carefully and with the right tools for the problem not to arise again.

Aligning Gates the Right Way

All types of gates can suffer various alignment issues. While at first glance this may not be as big a problem as a broken hinge, it can easily ruin the charm of your gate, not to mention the security. In severe cases, it can make the gate hard to use. Gate alignment is best done using professional tools. Relying on the eye alone is not nearly as effective. For that reason, you want to work with a repair service that specializes in gate alignment.

Get Your Opener Professional Fixed!

Automatic gates are very convenient to have, but they require more maintenance than other types. One of the common issues that come up in time is a faulty or slow opener. Our team has fixed this kind of issue many times and can use their experience to fix it quickly and effectively. Our gate repair professionals are an inspired choice for opener repairs, regardless of your type of gate.

Gate Repair Plano at Your Service

If your gate is not working as it should, don’t hesitate to call us. Whether it’s a broken hinge, a faulty opener, an alignment problem, or some other gate issue, we are here to help. Contact our gate repair service now.