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Sweep the Area around the Driveway to Prevent Track Issues

Have you ever found the wheel track of your gate stuffed with debris, and the wheels no longer move smoothly, especially after a recent construction work in your house? Then chances are your driveway track is filled with hard cement, tiny rocks, or other solid objects. The best way to avoid this is to sweep the track and rest of the area around it on a regular basis. Why not ask the watchman to do it as and when needed?

Remove Rust from Your Gate with Regular Washing

In extreme weather conditions like winter and rainy seasons, the metal parts of your entranceway are more prone to oxidation, which gives rise to rust. Prevention would require you to coat the metal parts of your gate with corrosion inhibitors like WD-40. But coating will affect the look of your gate. The best solution is to remove the rust from visible areas (in the initial stage) by wiping it clean with a cloth using regular detergent. For aggravated corrosion, you can always turn to our professionals.